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Course structure

Our program is designed to provide a dynamic and engaging learning experience for older kids, fostering an environment where they can deepen their understanding of important Islamic topics while having a blast along the way. At The Qube, we take pride in offering an inclusive environment where Islamic values and concepts are at the core of our curriculum.

In The Qube year7+ Program, we strive to empower young minds with age-appropriate activities that encourage critical thinking and personal growth. Here’s a glimpse of what your child can expect:

  • Exploring islamic Concepts: Through discussions, interactive sessions, and hands-on activities, we dive into a number of Islamic concepts. Whether it’s delving into the history, belief, or ethics(Akhlagh,) we make sure to challenge their curious minds while emphasizing the values and teachings of Ahlul bayt(as).

  • Building Confidence and Leadership: We encourage students to take the lead in group projects, discussions, and presentations, all while nurturing their understanding of islamic core concept and culture. These experiences help them develop essential leadership skills and build confidence in expressing their ideas within the context of their faith.

  • Staying Active: Physical activity remains an essential part of our program. Through sports and athletics, we keep the fun alive while promoting a healthy and active lifestyle, in harmony with islamic principles of well-being.

Our aim is to provide your child with a well-rounded educational experience that prepares them for the challenges and opportunities ahead while nurturing their understanding of Islamic values, culture, and the core concepts. We look forward to having your child as part of the Qube, where learning is an adventure, and curiosity is celebrated within the context of our faith.

Step 1: Parent's Details

Step 2: Child's Details

Note: you need to fill in a separate for per child.

Step 3: Lady Khadija (pbuh) Scholarship

Step 6: Terms & Conditions

Step 4: Medical Notes

Please provide any medical requirements, e.g. Epipen, Inhaler, etc. or allergy history of your child that The Qube needs to be aware of.

Step 5: Photography & Filming

I am happy for the photo & film of my child to be take and used for external purposes of The Qube, such as social media & marketing:
I am happy for the photo & film of my child to be take and used for internal purposes of The Qube:

Please fill in all the details and accept the T &C.

Do you consider yourself to be in financial difficulty and would like to be considered for Lady Khadija (pbuh) scholarship?

Find out more about this scholarship by clicking here (opens in new window).

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