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Lady Khadija (pbuh) Scholarship


We are proud to provide a scholarship scheme in the name of the great Lady Khadija (pbuh) in order to support those families who may need a little bit of help to be able to attend The Qube classes each term. This scholarship will take us closer to a more inclusive organisations, attracting all families within our community regardless of their financial background. We strongly believe finances should not be the barrier to accessing quality education offered at The Qube.

Why Lady Khadija (pbuh)?

We were inspired by Lady Khadija’s (pbuh) dedication, sacrifice, patience and generosity for the early Muslim community. She is indeed one of the reasons Islam’s message survived and reached us to this day. 

How confidential is it?

The Lady Khadija (pbuh) scholarship is a confidential scheme that allows families who may find themselves in financial difficulty to still register and attend The Qube. We are aware this is a sensitive topic for many in the community. We can therefore assure those who decide to apply that only 2 people from The Qube Team will know about those who apply. This includes our Finance Manager and our Admin Manager. The donors will not have any visibility over the details.


How many scholarships are available and how is it funded?

Our aim is to sponsor up to 20 families each term for the short term future. This includes 25% scholarships, 50% scholarships and 75% scholarships. We currently do not offer any 100% scholarships. The scholarship is funded by private donors from the community who are passionate about the next generation. The details of those receiving the scholarship will not be shared with donors.


How does it work?

You will have the chance to apply for this scholarship at the time of your registration for the term. You will then be taken to the payment page, just to pay the amount you would pay in case the scholarship application is accepted. In case your application is not accepted, the money will be refunded, or you will be offered the option to pay the full fee amount. Your application, along with everyone’s application will be put together and assessed.


You may receive a call from either our finance or our admin manager to discuss the details. The first 20 families who are most in need will receive the scholarship. The time of your registration, whether you’re an existing member of The Qube family and other factors may decide who receives the scholarship should we receive two applications with matching circumstances. Please note you cannot benefit from this scholarship along with other discounts.  

Do I have to pay the scholarship amount back later?

By applying and receiving an the scholarship from the Lady Khadija(pbuh) fund, you commit to sponsor another Qube student in future of the same amount, if your financial circumstances improve. You need to simply do that by making a donation as per below.

I would like to make a donation and support families in the name of Lady Khadija (pbuh). How can I do this?

If you are someone who can afford to support other families with the confidentiality explained earlier, please kindly make the donation amount of your choice to The Qube account and use Lady Khadija as the reference. 


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