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Let's raise kids who take pride in their Muslim identity

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Registration for the Summer Term is open now. There is limited space, so register your child now to avoid disappointment!


Learn about a typical day at The Qube and the ideas behind what we do in different activities.


We are now registering year 7-9 students, given the high demand. Register now to secure your child's place!



What's the Qube?

The Qube is a passion project born from a vision to build a lasting, self-sufficient community that inspires and empowers young Shia Muslims to explore their talents, develop their passions and nurture their sense of self. 

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Six Facets of the Qube

Inspired by Islamic values, the Quran and the teaching of the Ahlulbayt, and modern educational methodology, our curriculum encompasses six core facets

Community and Citizenship


The Qube is a safe space for children and parents to build relationships, and to give and receive support. Coming together as a community will create opportunities for all to network and lease with like-minded individuals and build the necessary skills to coexist with others whilst maintaining one’s individuality and boundaries.

Spiritual and Religious Identity


Our Islamic etiquette, belief in our compassionate Creator and love towards our 14 Infallible heroes are rooted in our positive emotional attachment towards our religion. Our objective at the Qube is to develop a strong positive spiritual identity, which is cultivated in the personal connection that children feel toward the spiritual teachings, history and culture


Physical Health

The Qube provides planned regular sports activities for both parents and children accompanied with tournaments, qualifications and achievement awards to help families take control over their bodies through a conscious lifestyle that includes healthy eating, movement, and exercise.


Mental & Emotional Wellness

At the Qube, we believe it is important to engage children in activities and conversations that help them to feel understood, loved, trusted, valued and safe. We value talking with children about their experiences, emotions, and fears and fostering strategies that build resilience. 


Essential Life Skills

Life is complex, distracting, fast-moving and stressful. Our children need specific skills to navigate this tricky terrain and thrive. At the Qube, we strive to develop our skills and abilities to achieve whilst not compromising on our standard values.


Opportunity to Explore & be Curious

The Qube believes in providing the field to explore our abilities, challenge ourselves and make discoveries in a safe environment. We believe in respecting children and parents’ individuality and design our packages and syllabus with care to allow self-recognition, input, and variety of choice.

What we want to achieve

We will draw from the many years of experience and knowledge we have accrued in organizing and facilitating community events to provide a safe and nurturing space for children to meet, interact and learn with others who share their Islamic heritage. We strive to help kids develop healthy stable strong identities.

We also want to provide a friendly welcoming space for parents to interact and socialize with one another and to take part in fun physical activities to promote the emotional and physical health of the family as a whole. 


How we get there

We offer a range of weekly classes and workshops for both parents and children. These include a variety of educational programs in Islamic education, physical education, and life skills.


We also provide bonding and communication opportunities for parents through events workshops and regular coffee mornings.


Variety of choices in three different categories

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Chalkboard with Different Languages

Indirect internalization of Islamic beliefs through experiments and hands-on activities delivered by trained passionate teachers

Clubs and courses in various categories, delivered by professional teachers

A variety of sports training provided by qualified coaches 

Language courses for children at different levels, taught by qualified teachers

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