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Course structure

​The Qube Reception class has been designed to create an environment of positivity in which the children are introduced to foundations of Islamic belief in the simplest forms through observations, storytelling, games and lots of fun and laughter. Children will be given age appropriate tasks and activities to allow them to explore and discuss Allah’s creations around them; such as animals. They will investigate the possibility of animals being created differently, concluding that Allah is the best creator and the only creator. They will be introduced to verses of the Quran and Hadith, focusing on Islamic etiquette and behaviour, whilst familiarising themselves to the necessary vocabulary used in Islam. 

They will also have a session of free play including arts and crafts activities, and a session of sports and athletics games to get their hearts pumping and keep the fun to the maximum.

Step 1: Parent's Details

Step 2: Child's Details

Note: you need to fill in a separate for per child.

Step 3: Lady Khadija (pbuh) Scholarship

Step 6: Terms & Conditions

Step 4: Medical Notes

Please provide any medical requirements, e.g. Epipen, Inhaler, etc. or allergy history of your child that The Qube needs to be aware of.

Step 5: Photography & Filming

I am happy for the photo & film of my child to be take and used for external purposes of The Qube, such as social media & marketing:
I am happy for the photo & film of my child to be take and used for internal purposes of The Qube:

Please fill in all the details and accept the T &C.

Do you consider yourself to be in financial difficulty and would like to be considered for Lady Khadija (pbuh) scholarship?

Find out more about this scholarship by clicking here (opens in new window).

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